Fine original wood is the symbol of noble, match of the color makes home full of rich art. Be an alternative for natural wood, wood based panel turned itself into lively color and new style of woodgrain. Let’s take a look at several choices of color.
Decorative surface decides the story of your space. They are all dependent on color, woodgrain and film.

Không gian nội thất ứng dụng Catania Laminate
Interior space decorated by Catania LaminatesLaminate

Surface color

Normally, there are 2 to 3 colors combined, which creates the contrast between bright and dark color of woodgrain to maintain the natural and original of surface via the crown and knot.
The youth are tended to search for neutral color like grey of concrete, high-level linen… in which the concrete color shows a very modern and fashionable style for applying in restaurant, coffee shop… Its advantages such as concrete, the simple, natural and calm appearance will bring the relax and simple atmosphere to your house.
With delicate and clear texture, fresh with simple elegance and fine lines, the design of linen brings the feeling of real fabric. Its elegance will get you away from pressure of space and show the feeling of classics. Simple style of this design is telling the new concept of furniture and leading the fashion of modern life.

Sự phối kết hài hòa giữa các tông màu ấm cổ điển
Sự phối kết hài hòa giữa các tông màu ấm cổ điển

(What a harmony combination of classic colors)

Woodgrain and the flexible combination

Woodgrain deepen your emotion when you touch it. The classic woodgrain like oak, walnut is renewed by the appearance of big figures, telling the story of freedom. The natural and innovative trend give birth to some unique new deigns like RT (vertical pore), SP (horizontal pore) or BW (phloem pore) …

How to arrange the color in your space?

The used color need a consistent style and harmony arrangement to show your characteristic. Cover the whole wall by panel or make some impressions, that’s your choice! Especially concrete and linen – the unique color to inspire your life.

Vải lanh là chất liệu mới làm nên xu hướng trang trí hiện nay
Vải lanh là chất liệu mới làm nên xu hướng trang trí hiện nay

(Linen – high fashion trend)

However, the colors need mutual support. For example, if you choose a warm color for your kitchen, white is recommended to add in. Vice versa, you will choose bright-color furniture from woodgrain to make balance with a concrete decorative wall.
Decorative surface inspires your life. Let natural artistic cells make life full of extreme romance. With bold way of life, romance is everywhere with artistic halo.

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