Many customers complain that the final board is bent. The main cause of this situation is not usually in the materials, but in the preservation.

Melamine paper

The preservation of melamine laminated board is not only completed in storage or when applied of furniture… that began when the surface have just laminated on board. The top priority is time and measure.

In many cases, to meet the urgent needs of the customer, the manufacturing unit usually transports MFC after a few hours of pressing. As the temperature of the laminated board is very high (about 160 degrees Celsius), it takes time for the board to cool down and return to its original state instead of moving right away.

The finished particle board must be cooled to at least 48 hours in order to achieve desired quality. For laminated panels, the time is shorter, within 24 hours, as used a cool lamination process with PUR.


Not only the preservation time, the arrangement of the boards after pressing is also important. Stacked panels are not guaranteed to cool the panels in the middle. Simply because the panel temperature escapes in 6 faces, if the two large surfaces are not exposed, the board can only emitted heat out from the four edges of the board. Besides, because melamine paper has just finished pressing from high temperature, it is soft. Being subjected to a lot of friction will lead to deformation, scratches … which can not maintain quality and aesthetics.

Therefore, to avoid warping of the finished product, the MFC board needs at least 24 hours of cool break after pressing the surface before transferring to produce interior applications.

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