To make your space bright and cheerful, do not forget to choose the colors below as the main surface.

Bright fresh yellow

Yellow makes the space bright, eye-catching and personal. It is also a symbol of prosperity and royalty. Combined with super glossy surface in the Catania Laminates collection of Minh Long, the yellow color of the space will be modern, expressing the strong personality of the owner.

CT 1806 – bright and active yellow

Yellow is often chosen by the homeowner who is of fire and metal element in fengshui. In order to harmonize and balance the “transcendental” space of this surface, you can combine some modern neutral colors such as grey or violet. Many designers also combine green with bright colors to create impressive visual effects.

You can refer to the colors of CT 1806 in our laminates collection for the kitchen space or used as a highlight in the living room or bedroom.

The stylish orange

The energetic will attract your eyes into it without any hesitation.

Orange became the primary color in design in 2015. This is a color scheme that has a positive effect on people’s lives and connects them emotionally to their surroundings.

The stylish orange CT 1810

Warm colors tend to bring a sense of comfort, optimism and energy. To bring a balance to the space, designers often combine this orange CT 1810 surface with neutral or calm colors such as grey or black. Especially with black – when combined with brilliant orange – will create beautiful designs in such impressive way.

Red – the can’t-stop-watching tone

The impressive appearance of red wine color with the waves on surface will entice you into an emotional and passionate space.

Transform your fashion style into your home, make it’s YOU and live it the way you like. That’s life, that’s what we need to.

CT 1745 – a modern decorative surface

The combination between red and some neutral colors or the ton-sur-ton layer with the addition of white can maximize the space effect.

Moreover, red color also represents luck and well-being so it usually appears in new year eve.

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