Why wood-based panel become priority in interior decoration? The answer lies in the cost, durability and aesthetics of these products which will be mention in the CVP of Minh Long.
Products of Minh Long Co., Ltd are diversified in material (particle board, plywood, MDF, HPL …), colors and sizes which are always ready to meet all the needs of customers. With more than 300 designs from monochromatic colors, wood grain like oak, walnut, to leather, stone … modern pattern, customers can find their home solution in our creative and colorful designing stock.
We consider “Quality is the top priority”, that’s why our products always have full information about origin, standard of testing and modern machinery.
Minh Long is proud of having well-trained salesman and transporters who are knowledgeable in technical matters and dedicated to providing the optimal choice and satisfaction to our customer. With flexible and preferential pricing policy, reasonable supply chain and transportation, we believe our image in customer’s mind is better and better.
In the future, Minh Long would like to increase the quality of staffs, enhance the incentives and build organizational culture for human resource, leading to a community using environmental friendly products.

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