Adhesive is a crusial part of processing wood-based panels. There are many types of glues such as PVA. PVAc, EVA, PUR… in which PVAc and PUR are prioritized and popular. What are their characteristics and application?

First, it is undeniable that both of them have high and durable adhesions. They are ordorless and glue strongly and quickly as well.

Không gian nội thất nhà bếp gia công bằng laminate sử dụng keo PUR

(Interior space processing lamination materials)

However, each kind of adhesive has its own advantage.

PVAc composed from Polyvinyl Acetate resin, non Formaldehyde or heavy metal. PUR (Polyurethane) PUR is a composite material composed of many organic components bonded by urethane.
Processing by hands without high technical demands.

Machine can be applied for better quality with long heating time.

PUR adhesive does not need high temperature and pressure, suitable for producing non-refractory products such as plastic board. It is necessary to use machine system to heat the glue before processing.
Carton making paper, duplex paper, paper tube, wood adhesive Coating surface to achieve the best adhesion and flatness for thin surface materials such as PVC film and Acrylic.

Adhesive is suitable for ship processing, toilet interior, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor decoration.

Good adhesion, especially in dry condition. Time to create mambrane adhesive is long, which is suitable for harsh climate condition with stability.

It is easily soluble in water to clean when using manual work.

PUR glue is quite flexible in wet or hot environments, which can withstand thermal effects, very ideal for hard materials.

Besides physical effect, PUR glue also has a chemical effect on the surface of the material. These two interactions increase the moisture resistance and fire resistance of the panel compared to conventional laminate flooring in the market such as EVA glue or PVAC glue.

PUR is transparent to create border, ensuring continuity on the surface of the material.

It is not suitable to apply in moisture condition. PVAc is resistant to temperature above 50° C. Not anti-explosive. Longer curing time over PVAc, but not exceeding 24 hours.

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