Pupils in Nam He Ethnic Primary School have welcome new schooling year by a new school house sponsored by Minh Long Co., Ltd.

The Groundbraking Ceremony is taken place on 27th September at the place where the school house will be built in Nam He village, Muong Tung Commune, Mương Cha District, Dien Bien Province. It’s such a simple ceremony but bringing a happy joyment for all the teachers and pupils over there.

A simple groundbraking ceremony in Tia Tau new school

Thanks to the encoragement and convincing of teachers and the village head, Tia Tau old school has been moved from the mountain to a more convenient location, close to the road. This make it easier for all activities including learning and moving, avoiding many hazards caused by natural disasters. It took hours through muddy and dangerous trails to go to the old school. Especially when it rains, the only way to go to school is walking.

A new convinient location for building a new school

The new classroom will contain 25 pupils in first and second grade replacing the heavily degraded former school facilities, which are too dangerous for teaching and learning.

The old degraded school

Ms. Nguyen Thi Duc, the principal of Nam He Primary School, said: “It is very fortunate that Tia Tau has been relocated to the best destination in 13 classroom. For students here, a pen is also very valuable, so the heart of the sponsors for building a school is extremely evaluated. I hope that after your trip, witnessing the difficulty here, many people will know that they can continue to build new ones. “

There are still a lot of difficults in Nam He Primary School

It is expected that the new school will be completed in November, contributing to improve the quality of education for remote areas with many difficulties, bringing knowledge  to children in Muong Tung commune and encouraging the teachers here.

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