Hongkong Tower has a convenient location. The tower’s front lies at the crossroad of De La Thanh and Voi Phuc streets. Thu Le park, sky train’s station, universities and big corporations are only within 100m – 1,5km from the tower. Hong Kong Tower is one of the most major apartment projects of Dong Da Province.

As the construction’s aim of building a group of luxurious, high class apartments, Hong Kong Tower is equipped with all the high quality utilities. Thus, to meet up with construction’s requirements, investors have trusted and chosen Minh Long wood working materials

Moisture-resistant participle board 18mm, moisture-resistant MDF board 5,5mm and 17mm are used as wooden material for construction’s doors and kitchen cupboards. The surface’s design ML 664 has made HongKong Tower’s space appear to be elegant yet upscale.

In 10 years, Minh Long is proud to have brought customers the best wood working material solutions for buildings, constructions as we guarantee the quality as well as the aesthetics. We have been developing more designs, types of board’s surface to lift up to the customers’ growing demand. For consultation and purchasing information, contact us at 1900 636 668.

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