Natural wood is giving way for wood based panel. What are advantages of wood based composites in applying in clothes cabinet, wall cabinet, kitchen cabinet, door and flooring…

Let’s figure them out. In the first part of the series, we should discover some information about the panels.

Wood based panels become popular thanks to its lower price; big size and wide surface. Besides, the diversified woodgrain and colors make very good visual effect. While the surface and color talk about your style, the panel guarantees the quality. Generally, there are two kinds of panels: normal and moisture resistant ones – which own better mechanical durability.

Bề mặt Melamine Gỗ Minh Long

(Melamine on MDF)

Which are the differences?

In mentioned panels, PB and MDF own very reasonable prices and popular to customer. To higher-end levels, HDF and moisture resistant HDF are better choices.
Plywood is also useful thanks to its shrinking resistance and hardness.

Tủ bếp sử dụng gỗ công nghiệp
Tủ bếp sử dụng gỗ công nghiệp (Wood based panel on kitchen cabinet)

Especially CDF – Compact Density Fiberboard (Black HDF), this material show strong mechanical durability, preventing shrinking and moisture.

Ứng dụng gỗ công nghiệp trong nội thất phòng ngủ
Ứng dụng gỗ công nghiệp trong nội thất phòng ngủ (Wood based panel applied in bedroom)

In addition, wood-plastic composite is a new and useful choice. Because of its lightness, people usually apply it for kitchen cabinet. However, it is impossible to manufacture wood-plastic composite in high temperature. Thanks to PUR panel laminating machine in Minh Long factory, wood-plastic composite diversifies the wood-based panel market.
In next part, we will introduce some surfaces producing interior furniture, especially kitchen cabinet.

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