In July, 2017, in parallel with the investment of the modern three-axis rolling of laminating machine, Minh Long Co., Ltd continues to import PUR glue, the best of the market for extreme adhesion to provide almost absolute durability for the product.

PUR (Polyurethane) is a synthetic material composed of many organic components bonded by urethane. When machined, PUR glue does not need high temperature and pressure, suitable for producing non-refractory products such as plastic board. Combined with a new three-roll press line system, PUR glue helps the coating surface to achieve the best adhesion and flatness for thin surface materials such as thin PVC film and thin Acrylic.

As a mission of becoming a wood furniture specialist providing quality products to meet the high requirements of customers, Minh Long company only imports PUR glue from the three suppliers Kleiberit, Henkel and Jowat – the most prestigious brands in the market from Germany. With a reliable source of quality, Minh Long believes that customers will be completely satisfied with our new products.

PUR glue is quite flexible in wet or hot environments, which can withstand thermal effects, very ideal for hard materials. Adhesive is suitable for ship processing, toilet interior, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor decoration.

Pic 1: Kleiberite tank from Germany

Besides physical effect, PUR glue also has a chemical effect on the surface of the material. These two interactions increase the moisture resistance and fire resistance of the panel compared to conventional laminate flooring in the market such as EVA glue or PVAC glue. The durability of PUR is up to 1,000 lbs by forming stronger bonds after the glue is exposed with the moisture of the air.

PUR glues have a lower volatile organic content (VOC) than traditional glue because this adhesive reduces the needed for drying or cooling. PUR glue fixation time on the material is quite fast, but the glue retention time is much longer than the other glue, usually not more than 24 hours.

For fabrics, sponges or paper, PUR should be used at a lower temperature than metal, wood and industrial wood to avoid damage to the material. Solid PUR glue is used for slits or assembled materials, while thicker glues are usually used for packaging.

Directions for use

To ensure the durability of the product, do not allow glue to contact the air before use and glue should be heated before being coated on the material.
After physical contact with the material, the adhesive resins and chemical cross-reacts with moisture in the air happens. Depending on the material and the thickness of the material, PUR should be used at a suitable temperature.

Pic 2: PUR adhesives used for three-axis rolling of laminating machine at Minh Long factory

Application of PUR glue

PUR adhesive is ideal with strong bonding substrates requiring high elasticity. In addition to wood processing, glue is also used to bind books, package, bookshelves … PUR is transparent to create border, ensuring continuity on the surface of the material.

With the industrial wood industry, PUR glue is the perfect choice to attach material surfaces. Instead of nails and screws, PUR assembles wooden furniture to ensure the aesthetics of wood lines, saving time and energy. PUR glue is also applied in the producing decorative wood materials.

With the new laminating machine, PUR is an irreplaceable product. This combination helps Minh Long company to produce good quality products, for durability, meeting the demand of the market in both quality and productivity work.

Investing in this most advanced adhesive on the market is a big step to help Minh Long Co., Ltd develop become a top supplier of wood interior materials.

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