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Let’s awaken the senses with genuine and powerful sensations from the new 10 colors of melamine collection.

The boundaries of perception and behavior will limit your feelings and growth of love. Please do not go around in design trails, do not stay long in safety. Sometimes, a breakthrough will give your life a milestone!

4 out of 10 new melamine designs 2018

Breaking the borders of art in past

10 new designs are no longer in the limitation of smooth woodgrain, they are now naturally expressed through the knots and cracks, gone with the straight and wild woodgrains.

ML 8006 in a living room

A perfect outlook sometimes makes people desire for a soul beauty. With the growth of population, the urban space has been shrank, which leads to the simplyfy and smart function of  furniture. The surface, hence, become the connectors of space, a peaceful interaction and listening.

A world driven technology has spread out all over the world. But the paradox is the more modern life become, the further they detach.

A call of wild life

What a change with ML 8002!

Live across the time

Traditional age limits are disappearing. Physical and metal health is important to this target group. They are fitter, cooler, and wiser about life than ever before. The flexibility has erased the standards in the past.

Nature is the key to a overall and lively beauty

Your life quality is enhanced in both physic and mental health. Nowadays, people have a stylish, casual and ageless sense of fashion, and their home furnishings are timeless.

Waken your emotion from the touch of senses

Natural tendecy in designs

The natural tendecy is going in to every spaces. Grey tone going with natural lights will be come the trend, waken your emotion to the full of love.