Scandinavian design style inspired by Northern Europe with the spirit of wild and rough, delicate and clear, neat and minimalist.

Color of nature

The weather made Nordic people became calm and quiet. It’s not the bright and warm color to be used, Scandinavian prefer the light and natural tone like green of moss, marble, graphite or dirty rose.

The colors from nature

Denmark is a Nordic country that is extremely fond of greenery. The cactus and rock senpai shops are the peaceful, fresh spaces which is sheltered around the streets of Copenhagen. Variety of ornamental plants give your space a vibrancy, arouse interesting inspirations.

Amber and gray dust color

The Scandinavian colors are very subtle in that the amber is very popular, especially in Sweden. These are the fresh and warm colors of nature over there because Nordic is very cold, people and plants are always hungry for sunlight so they want to create a warm atmosphere with beautiful colors of nature, especially the golden sunshine.

A warmly Nordic space

Amber tone brings us a sense of peace, relaxation that everyone needs in a cold snowy winter.

Set appropriate layers of color system and material

The combination of colors in your space is really a hard-to-answer question.  You may set different shades of color to bring sophistication.

Wood is a common material in Scandinavian style

Nordic people choose the material as well as colors with inspiration from nature. You will easily notice the presence of wood floors or leather chairs that have been imprinted in time in Swedish houses. Brown of wood made a space of white becomes much warmer.

Besides the color, the unique and new feature is always appreciated. You can combine different interior designs and colors to match the overall look of your home. This color scheme will bring joy and vitality to your space.

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