MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) is a kind of wood-based panel including particle board faced with melamine resin impregnated decorative paper. MFC is hard, aesthetic and durable, suitable for office, public or home applications for furniture.


Producing MFC

– Wood chips are dried in high temperature are categorized to different sizes. Then, they are mixed with adhesive to shape the form.
– The panels are made on thickness and density and cut following the standard size. Particle board are pressed under high temperature and pressure. Finally, surface is flatterned and checked quality.
– Completed boards are moved to melamine pressure, in which PB is covered by melamine resin impregnated paper to make MFC.


Ván MFC - Công ty TNHH Minh Long

Melamine paper is decorative paper made from pattern printed based paper. After printing, decorative paper is impregnated with melamine resin then dried and cut into standard size.

MFC has variety of thickness, but 18 mm and 25 mm are most popular. Melamine surface is easy to clean and hygienic which can be occasionally wiping over with a dry or damp clean cloth.

The following cleaning agents SHOULD NOT be used:
– Scouring and abrasive agents (abrasive powders, scourers, steel wool)
– Polish, washing powder, furniture cleaner, bleach
– Detergents with strong acids and acidic salts
– Steam cleaning equipment
Remember, you should never use substances that leave traces (waxes or oil for instance). Manufacturing process is quite quick and simple. MFC have reasonable price. This product is popular to middle and high level customers.

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