On September 2018, Minh Long Co., Ltd introduced new catalogue Catania Laminates for Projects. The collection includes favorable designs with large quantity of products.

All the surfaces are imported from India with ensured quality from leading suppliers like Archildply, Elite, Century… updating new designing color all over the world from now to 2020.

With 2 main tones of color (brown and slight beige), our catalogue is fashionable with one more black and white page – never out of date colors in interior designs.

Catania Laminates is evaluated as a various and impressive catalogue thanks to its quantity of films: from popular T film to super highgloss HG, rainy film – VEN and natural matertial like SW. Especially, anti-fingerprint film VT with straight strong lines is a milestone in our collection.

If you are a touch-style person, we’re sure you don’t want to miss CR film – a high-end crossing lines calling our a modern spirit for your space.

New light catalogue will make your choice become more meaningful and interesting!

For more information and consultan, please call our hotline: 1900 636 668

31/10/2018 Furniture News 831 Views