Did you know that the water and thermal resistance ability of an interior piece depends primarily on the quality of the joint? The key is edge banding adhesive! Join us to explore the advantages of the Jowat adhesive distributed by Minh Long Co., Ltd in the following article.

Adhesives have diverse applications in many different industries such as packaging industry, textile industry, printing industry or food processing / consumer goods industry … But accounting for over 50% and playing an important role in the adhesive market share is the furniture industry – the wood industry and construction materials.

EVA edge banding adhesive from Jowat that provided by Minh Long

The use of adhesives in furniture industry is increasing with many different types of glue. Currently, Jowat has hundreds of glue codes for edge-banding applications with PUR, PO or EVA glue lines. In the Northern and Central markets, for EVA glue, Minh Long Wood distributes the following Jowat products:

Each adhesive line has different usage recommendations about machine requirements, temperature setting, amount of adhesive, feeding rate …

Recommendations to use adhesive on gluing machine

While using glue on edge-gluing machines, the following should be noted:

– Set the right operating temperature of the glue.

– Set the right temperature of the glue, with a smooth surface, flat on the edge.

– Set correct pressure of the glue roller on the edge.

– Make sure the material panel is clean and well prepared before gluing.

– Both boards and edge banding must have a minimum temperature over 18 degrees C.

– Avoid dirt on the glue area.

Note about glue roller:

– Choose a roller with a surface that is suitable for the glue. The characteristics of rollers greatly determine adhesive quality and machine strength.

– Adjust the glue roller is 0.1 – 0.2 mm far from the side of the board.

– Glue rollers need enough glue at the set temperature.

– Close the glue knife on the roller, then try to run MDF boards, if you see glue means the roller is in direct contact with the board. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the navigation.

Note to have a good edge glued line

– Storage process is very important for glue quality. Glue should be stored in a cool dry place and free of dust.

– Set the right operating temperature of the glue.

– Correct the amount of glue required with the adhesive surface evenly on the edge.

– Install the roller in position and ensure distance.

– Prepare and clean the board well before gluing.

– The temperature of the board and edge banding is above 18 degrees C.

– Avoid dusting the glue area.



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