Have you ever heard about “spillover effect” or “halo effect”?

Spillover effect indicates that if you have a good impression on an object from the beginning, you will tend to look at that person’s good point. When you have bad impressions, you often try to look at the bad without paying attention to the inherent advantages. Interior space also has the first impression. Choose colors to make your space extremely good at the first impression.

The color of interior surface is the main point that you need to care about. This factor directly affects your visual perception. Choosing color according to the Feng Shui rules is a timeless trend in Vietnam.

The main color is natural wood

Blue or black is usually chosen by the Shui. Yellow surface or yellow metallic symbolizes for the Jin. Meanwhile, monochrome warm tones like red, orange are often suitable for the Huo. And the Tu is represented by the deep brown off wood, added yellow or beige. Green is suitable for the Mu.

Neutral tones and brown tones are always popular.

Combining colors according to the Feng Shui for the kitchen is one of the most important thing to care about, because it holds the flame of home. Whatever the main color picking, it is necessary to add more 1 to 2 colors as the highlight. The most interesting thing is the harmony and hospitality. The surface of Catania Laminates can meet the needs above.

Orange and green in the kitchen

From woodgrains to the monochromatic surfaces, concrete gray to linen, … each material has all the needed tones to create an impressive space at the first look. This sweet touch of Catania is the beautiful point to keep people together.

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