On April 11st, a short film with the theme of father and daughter has been introduced by Minh Long Co., Ltd.

The film marked the first collaboration of Minh Long and Orion Media. This product has made a good effect on audience from the first day launching. There have been hundreds thousands of views and ten thousand of share for the first 24 hours on air, which creates a good impression in community.

A scene in the short film

The short film is expected to touch the heart of audiences with light content and excellent performance of the cast. You can see your self in the shoes of each figures in the movie.

The cast of short film

The family theme has been quite familiar to everyone, but from another aspect, this short film conveys a humanistic message: a good wooden cabinet is as durable as parenthood over the years. The outside sometimes may be cold or rugged, just like parents who protect a child. Regretfully, there are things that only time will tell.

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