To meet the demand of products supplied by Minh Long Co., Ltd in the Central of Viet Nam and Thanh Hoa market, in July 2019, we continue to open Hoang Hung Pro agent in the region.

The new agent offers products of wood based panel (particle board, MDF / ordinary and HMR board) covered with melamine / laminates / SGP / VFB surfaces. High quality products are promised to assure aesthetic design, meeting up the demand of all customers.

The development of brand Minh Long in the Central market in general and Thanh Hoa in particular is a good signal proving the demand for using wood working material in the area. This fact also enhances the credibility of the people for products provided by Minh Long Company.


Thanks to the new agent, customers can easily find particle board, MDF, HDF board for furniture production applied on making beds, wardrobes, shelves, kitchen cabinets …

The new surface designs of Minh Long Co., Ltd are very diverse, updated from the world’s leading prestigious manufacturers such as Italy, Germany, and Spain, which will surely make customers satisfied.

You can refer fashionable designs of melamine, laminates, acrylic or try new environment friendly materials such as vynil (VFB) or SGP – super gloss panels.


Address: Lot 03 MBQH 1070 Ba Trieu Street, Dong Tho Ward, Thanh Hoa City

Tel: 02373.729.297 – 0911.268.166





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