Mon City is the first project of HD Mon Holdings deployed in My Dinh District, promising to be home of successful and happy people.

The project is located on a prime location with three major roads in the west of the city: Le Duc Tho Street, Ham Nghi Street and Nguyen Co Thach Street which owns internal roads up to 17.5 m wide.


Mon City Building

This is a complex of apartment buildings and luxury apartment buildings which not only bear the beauty of South East Asia but also the dynamism of Europe. Therefore, the apartment is very suitable for Melamine surface ML 2406 from Minh Long Co., Ltd.

Providing 6mm MDF HMR applied in door of the apartment building, Minh Long confidently confirms the superior quality of imported moisture resistant boards with anti-scratch resistance.

Oak is always the first choice in the furniture industry because of its delicate beauty features. Though, it’s hard to get access with the natural source of Oak in Vietnam so people have changed their habition of using furniture by wood based panel.

Natural Oak has light color which calls out a solid and secured feeling. You may find some dark pattern to give you the feeling of natural wood.

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