In July, 5th 2017, Minh Long Co., Ltd opened a 200 m2 office at lounge 3, 14th floor, 319 BQP Building, 63 Le Van Luong Street, Hanoi.

Designed in a fashionable style, the new collection of Melamine and Laminates is applied with the connection of Titus furniture connector from England.

The office will be workplace for Sale Department; Marketing & Project; Purchasing Department; R&D and Human Resource. There are total 40 people.

Melamine and Laminates used: ML 6123 WN; ML 6914 WN; ML 105 SH; CT 6123 D8; CT 6914 NT; CT 2030 SW; CT 5171 WV with the same color edge banding.

Pic 1: New office in Hanoi opened
Pic 1: New office in Hanoi opened

Pic 2, 3: Reception

Pic 4: Bar and sofa

Pic 5: Marketing and Purchasing Dept

Pic 6, 7, 8: Small meeting room for quick and small meeting

Pic 9: Creative room for innovative ideas

Pic 10: Big meeting room – place of leader’s decision making
Hopefully with the new convenient and modern office, everyone will find it inspiring and professional.

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