Interior trends 2020 – 2022 cannot go without a natural looked product like V Number.

A closed to nature product

Interior designs will be more affected by digital. This is the harmony between people and nature, eliminating the domintation of rough and rigid artificial materials. V Number is the combination of woodbased composite – an artificial material and the original beauty of solid wood which makes a stylish and peaceful space for your home.

Kitchen served production line

Kitchen is considered the heart of a house. People more evaluate the home meals. Cooking may even become a joy or an art eventually.

In 2020, dark tone like ML 2041 V1, ML 2042 V2 will dominant the kitchen. Though it is quite strong, this color tone really makes a trend that inspiring everyone who come to your home. Besides, walnut designs like ML 2040 V1, blue of grey tone will also replace the white.

Multi-styles interior

Previous years, Scandinavian Style is quite popular. However, in the coming time, different styles may co-exist in a space or you may use various styles for rooms to make a diversity.

Interior style can also be decided by gender. Reports have shown that men are interested in “Modern – useful” and “Classic – luxurious” style, meanwhile, women are usually fond of “Fine – elegant” or “Warm – harmonious” decoration. Walnut and Ash design in V Number collection can make things happen!

Be applicable of multi styles and durable, V Number is the same as a original veneer version that is beautifully touching and inspiring. Furthurmore, this product price is as cheap as melamine faced board, which is a hard-to-ignore product for interior trends 2020 – 2022.





03/01/2020 Furniture News 586 Views