The puppetry art has existed in Vietnam more than 1000 years, the most strongly developed in the Ly- Tran dynasty (XI – XII centuries). Let’s see how Catania Laminates transforms to cultural features of Vietnam, especially to monochromatic

According to the content described in “Sung Thien Dien Linh” stone stele in Ly Nhan Tong dynasty (1121), the puppet shows were played to celebrate the King’s birth. It proved that Vietnam Vietnamese puppetry was established for a long time and more and more developed.

The Vietnamese folkloric water puppetry has connected closely to communal faiths and folkloric festivals. The puppeteers were athletic artists who performed at leisure after harvest time. The folkloric water puppet guilds and villages were established and respectfully remained and preserved until now.

Water puppetry is one of typical statge art of Vietnam culture- showing the intelligence, creativeness of people; being specialty of Vietname wet-rice civilization. Water puppetry includes two basic components: Puppets and water.

Water puppets are seemed to be simple and rough sculpture-works, solid lines, poor colour, and zigzag movements; they evoke the general conception of human beings and other things to the audiences… However, the liquid feature and reflection of water creates the fickle. On water stage mirrors, everything becomes sparkle, flexible, changeable in front of the audiences’ eyes.

In the water puppetry art, music is an indispensable factor which not only plays the role as bridge between two items but also affects the atmosphere of the shows. The rhythm acts directly on the puppeteers’ control of puppets. Music plays the important role to show clearly personality and actions… of puppets, inspiring and attracting the audiences.

The main musical instruments used in the water puppetry art are: drum, two-stringed fiddle, flute, drum kit, 16-chord zither or monochord. In the water puppetry performance, many kinds of firecrackers were also used such as crackers, fireworks, powder-filled paper strings, duck-shape firecrackers. The explosion and miracle light of fireworks made the performance more attractive.

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